A simple, cheery terry cloth dress

A colorful terry cloth dress in beautiful colors. Thinner yarn was woven into dense pile to minimize exposure when worn alone. The loose-fitting design is perfect not only after bathing, but also when relaxing or at a resort where your mind and body are liberated. We also offer matching hair bands and sandals.



The bliss of being embraced by a light and gentle towel

A soft texture like marshmallows and an unforgettable airiness that makes you forget the weight on your shoulders. Just wearing this will soften your mood. Rather than clothing, this feels more like being wrapped in a large comfortable towel and brings bliss to all who wear it. This is something you’d want to wear to pamper yourself and reset a tired mind and body.



Relax wear for men that is subtly fashionable

You want to pay some attention to looking nice at home. For men who agree, we tailored the staple polo and rugby shirts using terry cloth material. The light and soft extra-thin pile dries easily after absorbing perspiration to maintain a comfortable feel. These items feel great, are relaxing, look good, and come in handy for hanging out with the family or meeting with the unexpected visitor.



Stylish designs harnessing the functions of terry cloth material

Simple and stylish. The terry cloth rugby shirt looks good on men of all ages. This is one of the standard items that can be used to go shopping at the convenience store, walk the dog, or relax on summer evenings at a resort. The comfy and simple terry cloth dress is an item that releases the mind and body. Both are great designs that will never get boring.



A versatile terry cloth hoodie

Surprisingly, the terry cloth hoodie is a new item to the scene. It can be worn directly over the skin or as a jacket when it’s cold. A benefit of terry cloth material is that it’s compact when folded. It also will not wrinkle easily, so it’s convenient for taking with you everywhere. It’s simple and has a loose fit, so why don’t you throw one on as if using a bath towel at the pool or beach?



Comfort like being draped in the bounty of the earth while embraced by the wind

A “Nihon no Gauze” series recommended for women who appre-ciate the real thing. The special triple-layer gauze has a sleek texture that combines both smoothness and fluffiness. The loose silhouette lets your skin breathe, and the rustic, soft, elegant tint of naturally colored organic cotton gently embraces the body.



A flattering gauze camisole

With the subtle use of lace and embroidery technique, this gauze camisole brings out both the elegance and loveliness of women. The 100% cotton gauze material was created using sophisticated weaving technology and has a faint luster that enhances the color of skin.



A feminine and charming layered-gauze gown

Lace and embroidery on the cuffs and hem bring an atmosphere
of sophisticated luxury to this gauze gown. The airy, soft, feminine silhouette is also charming. The color white that will always bring out the girl in you, or a vibrant turquoise blue. If you wear these colors befitting of a resort destination, the resort will come to you in everyday life.



A cute terry cloth dress to match mommy!

The smooth and fresh texture of the extra-thin wrap-style terry cloth dress make it perfect not only for relaxing at home, but also for resort destinations. The bright vitamin colors bring cheer and uplift the mood just by wearing. The casual yet elegant design has a ribbon on the waist as an accent. This adorable wear is available as a mother-daughter matching set and is sure to be enjoyed while relaxing.


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